Cherish This Life: A Thanksgiving ~ Shared by Toh Soon Huat

Life is about self-cultivation
Life is about sharing burdens.

Whether someone lives a life of mere existence
with value and meaning depends on one’s own choice
cultivation inner spirit wisdom strength and
‘Truth Kindness and Beauty’.

The first English edition of inspiring quotes “Cherish This Life: A Thanksgiving” written by Mr Toh Soon Huat JP Volunteer Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution has been published. “Cherish This Life: A Thanksgiving,” translated from Chairman Toh’s fourth book “Cherish Life Be Grateful For Life”. This book presents his grateful quotations for life livelihood and career in an illustrated style.

To Chairman Toh “forgiveness, compassion & universal love is an inner cultivation, a life perspective & philosophy, an attitude of gratitude and a bright disposition towards life. These can solve many problems affecting physical and mental health, social harmony, interpersonal relationship, conflicts, and ignorance. With this spirit, Toh Soon Huat runs Sian Chay Medical Institution and serves the public. Publishing and promoting a series of inspirational books is also his way of conveying positive energy to the public with his own perception.

作者: 卓顺发